New England Coastline

A celebrations of a place and the season. Often looking farther afield for inspiration, for a few weeks between July fourth and Summer's end, Juliet welcomes you back home.

  • Prepaid reservation for 1-4 guests
  • $57 per person
2 guests
Jun 24, 2017
New England Coastline is not offered on Jun 24 for 2 guests. Try another date or party size.


Somerville, MA

Dinner at Juliet is an immersive performance, like being invited to a dinner party thrown by a couple of very talented and hardworking craftspeople who really just want to treat you as friends. The menu and details of the service are planned and choreographed as a show, where the diner sits center stage and enjoys the story that owners Joshua Lewin and Katrina Jazayeri have to tell.

Prices at Juliet are inclusive of service; no gratuity is expected. Staff are paid a living wage above state...
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Awards and recognitions

  • Bon Appétit, Best New Restaurants in America - 2016
  • Boston Magazine, Best New Restaurants - 2016
  • Eater Boston, Restaurant of the Year - 2016
  • Eater Young Guns, Katrina Jazayeri - 2016

Now booking through September 2, 2017

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